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By blazoseklaw91387029, Nov 2 2016 04:34PM

A lot of people never think about a Power of Attorney until there is a family member who becomes ill or is unable to manage their own affairs. Then, in an effort to help, they will be told that they need proof that they are properly authorized to speak on behalf of their family member or to make decisions or perform matters as basic as getting information about a bill or arranging for a service. A Power of Attorney is a document that gives you a level of security that if something happens to you, or if for any reason you are unable to manage your affairs, even in a temporary situation, someone you trust can do it for you. Our office prepares Powers of Attorney and they will be effective in the event of a disability or emergency. If you have any questions, call (570) 655-4410.

By blazoseklaw91387029, Nov 2 2016 04:31PM

With car insurance, the lowest price insurance policy may not always be best for you. If you are injured in a car accident and someone else is at fault, you may not be able to recover for those injuries because you purchased car insurance with a limited tort option that costs less. The law in Pennsylvania allows insurance companies to offer two basic types of car insurance. One is with a full tort option, the second is with a limited tort option. The full tort option allows you to bring a suit for your injuries without limiting you in anyway and allows a judge or jury to decide in the end what the amount of money you should receive as damages for your injury. Unfortunately, the limited tort option, in fact limits the type of claim you can make depending on how your injuries are categorized. There are many times that i have met clients who were in fact seriously injured due to the carelessness of another person, but because they purchased insurance with a limited tort option, their own policy would not allow them to make a claim for their injuries against another driver. The time to check your coverage is now. You should check your policy to see if it has the limited tort option. After you have been in an accident even though it wasn’t your fault, it will be too late to switch coverages.

Call our office if you have any questions. I would be happy to discuss this in greater detail with you.

By guest, Nov 10 2014 06:29PM

In today's workplace, many employers have a human relations department and a list of rules that employees need to follow if they have a work-related injury. It is important to report your injury to your employer when it happens. A lot of people have an injury but will tell themselves that it is only a pulled muscle or something minor that will get better on its own.

They do not report their injury when it happens. If their condition gets worse, and then they make a report to their employer that it happened at an earlier date, there is often a suspicion that could lead to an employer or worker's compensation claims adjustor denying that your condition was work related or tell you it is too late to file a claim for compensation.

The best thing to do is treat any work injury that causes you pain as a reportable event. On a close call, give yourself the benefit of the doubt and report what happened rather than hope it gets better on its own. If you have any questions about worker's compensation, all our office.

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